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Iran Choob Company

Iran Choob Company (ex. Sequoia Pars) was purchased by Omran & Maskan Iran parent corporation in 2015 with the aim of completing the provision of materials and equipment required for the projects and diversifying the business of the group companies. This company is one of the most advanced and well-equipped wood companis in Iran and supplies wood materials for the projects of the subsidiaries of the parent company. Main abilities and products of Iran Choob company include:
* Decorative design and installation of audiovisual equipment in conference halls, cinemas, and amphitheaters
* Designing and manufacturing office requirements and furniture
* Manufacturing HDF-coated doors and kitchen cupboards
* Design and installation of audiovisual systems and CCTVs
* Manufacturing urban furniture, towers, and overhead street lights
* Producing artificial parquets for playgrounds and parks

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