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Kaveh Industrial Town Company

Kaveh Industrial Town Company was registered in Tehran in 1973; its area of activity covers investment in public urban services, public utility connections, building major and minor roads, reclamation and partitioning of lands in order to establish industrial, manufacturing, and professional units, building housing complexes and public places such as schools, clinics, mosques, parks, etc. Since mid-2015, this Company joined Omran & Makan Iran Company in order to develop and complete the latter’s activity cycle. Presently, Kaveh Industrial Town is the largest industrial town in Iran and is considered as a special economic zone as well.
Kaveh Industrial Town Company has so far carried out many projects regarding paving thoroughfares with asphalt, building industrial warehouses, and running wastewater treatment (sewage) systems, and it is currently running the following projects in Kaveh Industrial Town: water transfer between basins, water pumping stops, sand filters in wastewater treatment systems, revision of integrated management system, and launching minor water mains to the new units built. Main missions of this company are as follows:
* Offering quality products and services suitable for industrial towns
* Balanced and knowledge-based development utilizing sophisticated technologies
* Laying the foundations and offering commercial trade products and services geared toward special zones

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