Area of Activity according to Articles of Associat
According to its Articles of Association, the area of the activity of Omran & Maskan-e Iran Corporation consists of the following:
* Partnership and investment in the shares of construction and engineering consultation companies
* Engagement in the construction of residential, commercial, and administrative complexes through investment, partnership, and other relevant ways
* Investment in construction, industrial, manufacturing, services, sanitary, design, development, consultation, research, contract working, installation, road construction, airports, ports, and quays projects and other authorized activities
* Cooperation with banks, companies, institutions, and organizations of both public and private sectors and with natural and legal persons in doing the following:
* building and selling residential units
* Partnership in construction or offering construction services to natural and legal land owners receiving fair interest and service charges
* Drawing up and signing contracts for property construction in the lands owned by Mostazafan Foundation of Islamic Revolution and other lands
* Constructing buildings and properties in lands with administrative or commercial usage and selling them
* Engaging in activities pertaining to commercial transactions
* Doing all other affairs directly relevant to the mentioned items