Prefatorial Remarks of the Managing Director
Omran & Maskan-e Iran Parent Corporation has put in a brilliant performance since 2015 focusing on the crucial concept of resilient economy and in line with notified policies and performance indices of the Supreme Leader of the I.R.I. managed to improve its standing among the Mostazafan Foundation of Islamic Revolution companies and corporations rankings. The endeavor and assistance of all colleagues at the parent company yielded a steady rise and a leap in the corporate performance. The remarkable achievement here is the enhancement of the quality of products and services which, in turn, derived immense satisfaction among customers and beneficiaries.
Undoubtedly this became possible thanks to the efforts of enthusiastic, expert, and responsible colleagues working in a favorable environment which stimulates creativity, improves processes, and develops technology.
We deeply hope fateful decisions and vigorous actions together with making the organizational structure more agile, providing the resources, and taking advantage of other key factors will culminate in getting the most out of opportunities ahead.