Brief Introduction
Omran & Maskan-e Iran Parent Corporation (holding) is a leading company in the area of building and high-rise construction, which serves under the supervision of Mostazafan Foundation of Islamic Revolution. This Parent Corporation (private joint-stock) was registered to Isfahan Department for Companies Registration under the title of Omran & Maskan-e Iran Corporation on 8 October 1994.
With reference to decisions taken by Mostazafan Foundation of Islamic Revolution on the formation of parent corporations, Omran & Maskan-e Iran Corporation was established as a construction corporation in 2008, covering 7 independent companies. Then from 2014 onwards, after merger with Atiyeh Sazan Company, it has been the sole construction parent corporation of Mostazafan Foundation of Islamic Revolution embracing all construction and investment companies active under Mostazafan Foundation of Islamic Revolution in this area.
Designing, manufacturing, offering, and selling more than two million square meters of residential, commercial, administrative, tourism, recreational, and cultural complexes all around Iran, and research on the construction of high-rises are among its remarkable activities.